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LEVIATHAN - 400 mg/mL

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Also Known As: TTE, Test Tren Equipose

Product Dosage: 400 mg/mL

Dosage Range: 1.5 mL Twice Per Week

Vial Size: 10 mL Multidose

Vial Breakdown:

  • Testosterone Enanthate - 175 mg/mL
  • Trenbolone Enanthate - 100 mg/mL
  • Equipoise - 125 mg/mL

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So, here's what you've all been waiting for, our new blend! We are so excited to be releasing this product into our range, we've gone from having a variety of depth to just plain stacked!
So here it is, TTE
Test, Tren, Equipoise
So why did we pick the name Leviathan? Leviathan is a sea serpent monster of immense size. Considering we not only train to be monsters of enormous size, but we've also designed to ensure you're getting your full bang for buck with our tremendous 400mg/ml...
As we said... Leviathan...
The leviathan of the Middle Ages was used as an image of Satan, endangering both God's creatures, by attempting to eat them, and God's creation, by threatening it with upheaval in the waters of chaos.
Leviathan, our new blend is a combination of Test Enanthate, Tren Enanthate and Equipoise.
We've designed this using these ester's intentionally as it will enable our users to manipulate their blood levels, either injecting once per week all the way up to every other day, the choice is yours. Personally, we recommend most individuals stick with a sweet and straightforward twice per week!
Twice weekly or more allows for more even blood levels, some people find this provides estrogen to be more manageable and keep their mood more stable.
Our recommendation is 3ml per week (1.5ml Twice per week, but once per week and EOD is fine).
This gives you a weekly dosage of:
525mg Testosterone Enanthate
300mg Trenbolone Enanthate
375mg Equipoise
So overall, our Mg/Ml breaks down in a 10ml Vial as:
Testosterone E - 175mg
Trenbolone E - 100mg
Equipoise - 125mg
This is good enough for people who are new to Tren, all the way up to the late intermediate/early advanced competitors.
This has been developed to allow the best of all worlds into one product!
Anybody in virtually any circumstance can use this blend!
Wanting to move away from Test only and try Trenbolone? No sweat (pun intended), our dosage is low enough that the sides are minimal if any, so that's no Trensomnia for us, no night sweats for us! But the gains are still plentiful; Tren is 5 x stronger then Test remember! Tren is the king of steroids and the nectar of the Gods! The best single compound for lean muscle gains, nutrient partitioning and strength gains! Want that 3D look? Trenbolone is a must.
Worried about Trenbolone affecting your cardio? Forget it; the Equipoise will allow us to increase our cardiovascular capacity still!
On a cut? Testosterone is a staple steroid, but this middle range dosage won't find you giving yourself Test flu or being desperate to grab the nearest AI, most first time cycles use 500mg of Test, this is enough to allow you excellent libido, strength, muscle mass and nutrient partitioning! If it isn't broke?
So not only is the Equipoise helping deal with the cardio and muscle endurance on a cut, it's a robust volumizer, there's nothing like a bit of increased vascularity and pump even on in a deficit, our EQ standard dosage is low enough you won't feel hungry associated by the Equipoise!
On a bulk? The Test is a staple, but so many are looking for that lean appearance, especially leading up to the summer months! So here we have the Tren and Equipoise again, with the Tren providing them lean gains, but also that nutrient partitioning to help minimise some potential fat from the excess calories! Equipoise will continue to improve your pumped look and feel fantastic!
How can we further manipulate this? By orals, dosing and other compounds.
For example, if you don't get any side effects from the Trenbolone and wish to up your Tren without the Test or EQ raising, you can add more Tren, however, if you're happy after a month and you want to increase all three compounds, up the dosage. Not hungry enough but happy with your Test & Tren dosage? Add some Equipoise!
You're getting a crazy powerful blend, but you can manipulate it for any circumstance!
Orals you may wish to add? My personal favourite is ProCialis; then I add compounds like so;
Cutting, ill add WinVar (Winstrol for DHT, dry lean appearance).
Bulking, I'll add Dianabol (For DHT and extra size).
So to recap, Leviathan will provide you with:
Increased Strength
Increased Lean Muscle Mass
Increased Nutrient Partitioning
Increased Cardiovascular Capacity
Increased Vascularity
Increased Pump
Increased Muscular Endurance
What are you waiting for?

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